Welcome to the Cornerstone Homeschool
Support Group Home Page!


CORNERSTONE is an inclusive support group of families dedicated
to responsibilty, understanding and individual freedom.


Cornerstone is a participant-driven homeschooling information and
support network for families in Northeastern Oklahoma.
We seek to facilitate networking opportunities and to empower families in their
homeschooling decisions. We believe there is strength in diversity,
therefore we support the individual freedom of each family to choose home education
and to autonomously direct such education in the manner best suited for their family.
We do not discriminate on the basis of a person's race, religion, belief system or ethnicity.

We have a news list where we
post details and info for
activities and field trips, and announcements
that may interest homeschoolers.
It is available by subscribing at this link
You will find all pertinent
information regarding the activities, field trips
and meetings of the group posted on this news list.
At this time, we are not posting a newsletter,
so please watch the News list for event announcements.

The Cornerstone-OKNews email list is
mainly for event information and educational
resources. We have a related email list
for more family sharing and conversation.
That is the Cornerstone-Tulsa list.
If you would like to subscribe to the Cornerstone-Tulsa
e-mail list follow the instructions at
Also at the Cornerstone-Tulsa yahoogroups site,
you can find files and links to many
homeschooling resources. Be sure to check that out!

As most of you know, Cornerstone-Tulsa Homeschool Group
has no “formal” leadership and is pretty much participant-driven.

This group has gone into online support only,
due to a changing membership and desires for change in direction.
Please seek out this fairly new group made
up from many former members of Cornerstone
Okie Homeschoolers
for an active group planning activities in the physical universe.
Thank you and good luck with your wonderful adventure!
Feel free to post to our lists with any pertinent homeschooling info or questions!

If you have suggestions, ideas or questions,
just email one of the people listed below or post to the group.
Remember, we are PARTICIPANT-DRIVEN.

Want to help?
Contact these other participants or post to this group.

Susan Snell: ssnell98@msn.com
Susan Michael: chemicalmango@cox.net
Marilyn McCulloch: outpostomega@sbcglobal.net
Marcia Sharp: lily@sharp3.com